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Hello, I'm looking for an artist drawing me an elf lass in a style similiar to the good 'ol Heavy metal comics:…
For an interactive erotic fiction story.

Budget is 50$ tops, for that I want clear lineart, limited if any backround, no color, for one character, in five outfits, with perhaps slight changes to posture and expression. I'm not saying 'no' to color, but.. budget is budget. I'll use the art in an erotic game, for promotional stuff, and etc, You'll be credited on my blog. Respond below or per notecard.

If I enjoy your creation  I'm open to future and larger projects. To get an idea what your artwork will be used for check out: pervyfantasyproductions.blogsp…
Edit: Please no further contacts, I have gotten an overwhelming amount of pokes, and will contact the ones I like the best. If you don't hear back from me, please don't assume its a judgement on you art, for example, several artists I skipped over because their drawings just wouldn't fit the games established style.

Hello. I wish to hire an artist to create a monstergirl picture for me, if satisfied I'm open to further comissions.

Budget:~ 30-40$
Adult material, not necessarily outright hentai, but that will be prefered.
Post here or send a notecard.

The artwork will be for use in my game, 'The Last Demonhunter', you can find it here if you wanna check it out, if I end up using your things you will be credited as well.
Hello dear artists. I'm looking for someone, that ideally knows what they are getting into/has done this before, willing to create sprites for the RPG Maker VX ACE, with poses and content beyond the inbuilt generators capacities.

-> The required art will include, and infact focus, on erotic poses for the main heroine(with what is    doable in the limited size of a sprite of course, think of the 'violated heroine' game for examples.)
-> This includes creating sprites of various monsters/monstergirls.
-> The Payment is somewhat open ended, As I have a variety of poses and creatures in mind, so for one it could be a recurring comission if I like your stuff, and have another idea for the game, and for two it is somewhat dependant on how much you'd want/spriteart.
-> for simplicities sake, give me a rough idea on what you could do, quality and quantity wise, for 50$, cause I like that as a nice, round number.
-> payment ideally will be over paypal, 50 upfront, 50 when finished for the first comission, later we can talk about all upfront.
-> You can use all artwork done for your portfolio, but it becomes my property, to use in my game, or future games I do, as I like.
-> post here or notecard me, ideally with an example of your work pertaining to this comission.
->You can find the Blog with the game the comission is for(Adult content) here: pervyfantasyproductions.blogsp…
(You'd also be credited/linked on the blog if you'd like, after the job is completed.

Hoping to hear from you,



There was a serious here, now its gone.

I just want everyone to get obsessed over my game.…

Current Residence: earth
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Fluffy
Operating System: Bad
Skin of choice: My own.
Personal Quote: Make sure to know the Vices of a man before admiering their virtues.

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So i heard you are a satanist,is that right,there is somethings i wanna know :D
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It is, whats your problem?
siathedragon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i dont have a problem i was just curios about you
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I'm Awesome.
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google power.
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Seeing your new avatar: "Baphomette" :D

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